What Happens if Something Happened to Me?

Stephen Reisler,

What happens to your business tomorrow if something were to happen to you today? Life happens and we cannot stop it – accidents, sickness, disease, and death happens daily. None of us are protected against ‘life’ but you can take the necessary steps to protect the business by creating a documented CONTINUITY PLAN.


2016 was a good year to sell a business, and what it means for 2017

Source: Boston Business Journal
Written by: Bob House

After consecutive months of steady growth, the BizBuySell Q4 2016 Insight report revealed a record 7,842 closed small-business transactions were reported in 2016, the highest yearly total of small- business sales since BizBuySell first started tracking data in 2007.


Seller Perspective: Eight Steps to a Good Exit

Written By: Christian Annesley

In February this year the serial entrepreneur Mark Mason finalized terms to sell his app-development business, Mubaloo, to a media agencies group wanting to diversify. Here are his eight tips on delivering the right exit based on his own experience


Whether you plan to hand your business to family or employees, or to sell it on the open market, you need to take the right steps to maximize your business’ value come exit time. Preparing a business for sale is like preparing a house for sale. It must ‘show’ well.  A lot needs to take place before the final step, which is selecting the methods for attracting the right buyers.

Business transition, succession, or exit planning is a passion of ours. We have done this many times and it is important to know the ins and outs as well as what works and what doesn’t work. We love it when a plan comes together and you walk away with the just rewards for your years of effort.

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